Monday, August 31, 2015

Weeks in review Aug. 17-23 and 24-30: Two for the price of one

After my canceled-for-lightning second attempt at 70.3 and SI joint giving me some trouble, I was too depressed to review that week. But I’m back on the training horse and feeling better, so here are my last two training weeks for the sake of closure:
Swim, bike, stretch.
Aug. 17-23

Swim: Three times, once in the pool and two OWSs (one pre-race practice swim and one race), for a total of about 7,350 yards in about 2.75 hours. Sadly, I missed my last pool swim of this cycle because of a garage door malfunction.

Bike: Four times, twice on the trainer and twice on the road (one race), for 63.89 road miles and about 6.25 hours of total saddle time. If I were a faster cyclist I would have made it to T2 before the lightning started. =(

Run: Twice, both on the road, for 3.5 miles in just longer than a half hour. My SI joint was killing me that week, which was the main reason I did…

Yoga: Four sessions for 1.5 hours total.

Total: 13 sessions in just longer than 11 hours. Actually, this isn’t bad considering how little I ran.

I'm running again! And lifting occasionally. OK, once.
Aug. 24-30

I was still bummed on Monday and didn’t do squat, but later in the week I was feeling better and managed:

Run: Six sessions, one on the treadmill and five on the road, for 35 miles in about 5.75 hours. Looking back, I see the HUGE jump from 3.5 to 35 miles (you’re supposed to increase by 10%, not ten fold!), BUT, they were all very easy runs of 4, 5.5, 6.5 and 2.5 miles during the week. And my “long” run on Sunday was only 10 miles, a far cry from the second 20-miler I had on the schedule.

Yoga: Five sessions in 2.25 hours, which may be the most yoga I’ve done all year. These have been 20-30 minutes at a time, usually in the evening before bed.

WEIGHTS AND PLYO: One session of heavy/bodyweight lifting and a round of plyo moves for about 1.5 hours. Yes! I lifted weights for the first time since the end of May! And I am still hobbling around to prove it.

Total: 13 sessions in about 9 hours, 20 minutes. Again, this isn’t bad considering I cut out two sports completely.

I'm not disappointed with these last two weeks. I’ve cut back for aches and pains, I’m taking a break from swim and bike, and I’m trying to fit in more of the “other” that too often gets neglected. And I'm doing other crazy things like staying up until 10 p.m. and catching up on housework and gardening.

Hopefully I have a good base for the next week.

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