Saturday, August 8, 2015

Hopefully, training will be back to normal soon

Well, my sister-in-law got married and it was wonderful and fun and emotional and we followed up the ceremony by partying all night. I won't bore you with the details since this is a triathlon blog and not a weddings-of-people-you-don't-know blog, but I will say that although I didn't train at all from Wednesday morning through Friday, I burned plenty of calories dancing my ass off to "Love Shack."

Sadly, I ate them all back and then some with their delicious Cuban catering. Honestly, I only stopped eating because it was getting hard to breathe in my fitted dress. Next time I get to pick my own bridesmaid dress, I'm getting a muumuu.

Anyway, life started to have a semblance of normal today. After a lazy morning sleeping in and going out to breakfast while it rained, the weather cleared and I finally hit the road for my last LONG long ride before the race -- a 62-miler. After my last 60-miler my dad gave me a good ribbing for not doing 62 and making it a metric century, so I was determined to do it today.

It actually went really, really well. I was feeling good, it wasn't beastly hot, and I was happy to be out on wheels again. Because of the late start, I didn't get in my full ride before the road opened back up to traffic. But I tried to make the best of it, and rode out past my usual route for a change of scenery. My speed dropped a full 1.5 mph for the last 17 miles because I had to accommodate intersections and navigating the shoulder, but it honestly was really nice to shake it up. This is also a personal distance record!

Some friendly cyclist guy rode with me for a few miles, and we chatted about riding and racing. I felt badly that I had to pull off and make a pit stop. Sorry guy, it wasn't anything you said -- I really had to go! I train alone 99% of the time so it was nice to have human interaction.

The longer route made me realize that I really only ride laps and not any point-to-point rides. Maybe that will be something I do more of for next season to shake it up. And although it wasn't hot, it was pretty muggy. My arms looked like this before too long:

I followed that up with a 2-mile run that felt pretty darn good, too.

The condo is STILL a disaster and we have some meetings and other personal stuff still happening, but with the wedding over, hopefully there is a light at the end of the crazy-busy tunnel. And in homage to my dad mentioned above, I have to make the dad joke: "And I hope it's not a train!"

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