Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week in review March 16-22: Anything is better than nothing

The basics were there, at least.
Ugh — I’m behind the eight ball, again. I got “volunteered” into a big project at work and while I was flattered to be recruited, there is a LOT more to do. However, this work is short-term and soon I can start doing things like leaving at a decent hour once again.

Anyway. Since I didn’t do jack squat for training the week before, when I was on a mini-vacation, I was happy to get ANYTHING in my log this past week. It shakes down to a couple of runs and the bare minimum of swim and bike, although one of those rides was an enjoyable (although slow) outdoor ride in the sun and warm weather.

Swim: Once in the pool for 2400 meters in a bit longer than an hour. I just Googled “slowest sea animal” and learned that the dwarf seahorse swims at about 0.01 miles per hour. I am feeling like a dwarf seahorse in the pool lately.

Bike: Once on the trainer for 1:15 and once on the road for a leisurely but sunny ride of 36.5 miles in about 2:26, for a total of 3 hours, 40 minutes in the saddle this week. I just Googled “slowest land animal” and learned that the sloth moves at 0.003 miles per hour, which is slow enough for algae to grow on them. I passed one or two people at the park so maybe that makes me a garden snail instead of a sloth.

Run: It actually wasn’t a terrible week running-wise. I logged 15.5 miles in about 2:36, which includes one short and slow run with my husband and crazy dog (although if she were to have her way we’d win the Olympic marathon together), a decent although drinking fountain-free run mid-week, and a comfortable long-ish run at a perfect 10:00 minute per mile pace on Saturday.

15.5 miles is my highest non-marathon weekly mileage since mid-September, 7.25 miles is my longest non-marathon run since mid-September, and I am successfully holding at three runs per week with no knee or IT band pain. Slow forward progress is still forward progress and I’m happy to be out running again.

Total: 6 sessions in about 7:21.

Not bad, not great, but good to be back in a routine again.

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