Monday, May 2, 2016

Week in review April 25-May 1: A weird week

Bike, bike and not much else.
“A weird week” is the best way I can describe last week, between out-of-the-ordinary events and other drama. I ended up taking Monday off to tackle my personal to-do list, I had to work late Wednesday, I had some side-business stuff to take care of Friday, and I was out of town all day Sunday.

So, when you look at the week as a whole, it was almost a miracle that I got in any proper workouts at all:

Bike: This was the only discipline for which I hit all my regular workouts: Twice during the week for shorter sessions and a longer session on Saturday, all on the trainer, for a total of 5 hours. I have been doing 2-hour max rides on the weekends but randomly did 2:30 on Saturday…. still not sure why. And although I REALLY wanted to get outside and ride, I just couldn’t make it happen, and then it started raining.

Run: One quick run with my crazy dog for 2.75 miles (to make an even number for the month, haha) in about 27 minutes. Apparently she is such a funny sight pulling me along like a sled that a group of kids stopped to laugh at us.

Yoga: One 15-minute stretching session while watching Game of Thrones Sunday night. I had to stop at the very end when it got really good — I expected the ending, but it was still AWESOME!!!

Total: Five sessions in about 5:42.

Confession: It’s almost a sure thing that I’ll be out of town for Memorial Day weekend, skipping my usual early-season triathlon, and with that in mind I just didn’t want to go to the pool. Why bother when I have at least a month until I start racing?

Non-training victory: Part of the reason I took Monday off was to try to plan a mini-surprise party for my mom, who just had a milestone birthday. With the help of my uncle, we pulled it off and she was totally surprised! Yay! Plus, I got to see both sides of my family. Those days off were totally worth it.

This week is probably the busiest of the year for my line of work, so I’m not sure how much training I’ll be able to get in. I have at least one evening event to attend, but I MAY be able to sweet-talk my boss into leaving early to go for a run and coming back. Saturday will be completely out, and Sunday is Mother’s Day.

It will probably be another week of reduced training and being happy I fit anything into my schedule at all. But just like last week, I'll be happy with whatever I can get.

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