Thursday, May 5, 2016

April in review: Boringly, not a whole lot different than March

Hours trained this month in swim, bike and run.
I guess it’s a good thing that not much excitement happened in April. I had family in town a couple times, which got in the way of my training, but other than that it was a nice, boring month of fitting in training around work, sleep and special events.

One (of my many) knuckle-rapping-worthy thing was blowing off the pool for the last week of the month, but with me planning on skipping my usual early-season race I just couldn’t make myself get there. Sorry! I did appreciate the break, however.

Anyway, the month’s training consisted of:
Swim mileage totals by month so far this season.
Swim: 6 times, all in the pool, for a total of 16,400 meters (about 10.25 miles, how Daily Mile tracks) in a bit longer than 7 hours. I feel like literally nothing special happened in the pool all month. Just meters back and forth, back and forth. Logically, I know I need to get in the pool more than 1-2 times per week to get better, but I really struggle to find the time between other training and work, so this might be where it’s at for a while. (I managed 7 times in March.)

Bike: 10 times, 9 on the trainer and once on the road for 35 miles, for a total of about 16.25 hours. My road ride was still frustratingly slow but, like swimming, I struggle to find additional time in my day. This was the same number of sessions as March, but more overall time, so Yay! Minor victory.

Run totals by month for the past year...
And run totals by week for April.

Run: 7 times, 6 on the road and 1 on the treadmill, for a total of 31 miles in just longer than 5 hours. I have minimal to no IT band pain (knock wood) and my distance is starting to come back to me, even if my speed isn’t quite there yet. This total is 1.5 miles more than March but only 2 more minutes in the same number of sessions, so Yay! Another minor victory.

Yoga: 4 sessions for about an hour. Not great, but a bit more than last month.

Weights: 9 sessions, mostly broken-up body weight moves (I had a lot of 10-minute sessions this month) over about 3.5 hours. I didn’t lift any weights in March so this was a huge improvement. I think breaking up my routine into more manageable chunks is the way to go at this point in my life. Yay!

Pre-hab: 3 sessions over about 1.5 hours. Not great, but I didn’t do any pre-hab in March, either, so a minor improvement.

I’m not where I want to be, but I am making small gains. I guess I just keep making those small gains until I AM where I want to be. It may take a while, but I’ll get there... hopefully before I die.

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