Friday, May 20, 2016

The drinking fountain that wasn't

No drink for you!
Now that I'm running decent mileage again, I'm getting back in the habit of taking my running clothes with me to work and running on the way home from the office. I've been doing 5 miles a couple times during the week, max, as I build my stamina and speed back up.

I headed out the other day and as I was coming up to the 2.5 mile mark, where I would have turned around, it was warm enough that I could have used a quick drink. I decided to do 3, take a drink at the water fountain there, and head back.

When I got there, there was a metal knob on the building where the fountain used to be. NOOOOOOOOO! Sadly, I turned around and headed back to the car, without a drink.

The good news was I had a full water bottle waiting for me in the car. And I had done a good 6 miles without any problems. I'm getting there.

But as it gets warmer, I should get back in the habit of bringing a water bottle with me... or get on the Parks and Rec department's case to fix the fountain!

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