Sunday, May 8, 2016

A new pool and I ain't a spring chicken anymore

Cool pool.
I finally worked my schedule so I could swim after work Friday in the indoor pool of a club I'm a member of. It doesn't have swim team on Fridays so I headed over right after work, fought traffic, and got in a mile before it closed. It has a dedicated parking lot so I didn't have to stalk people leaving their metered parking and pay an additional $2. Yay!

You'd think that once you get in the water, all pools are the same, but they're really not. This was a pretty warm yard pool, so that took a few laps to get used to. I haven't swum yards since August! And it has beautiful tile, which is nice to look at, but there isn't a marker at the end of the lane telling you to turn or risk bashing your head. So that took a bit of adjustment. I also realized on a breath that there's a walking track above the pool. Surprise! People are watching you!

Still, it was a good way to kick off the weekend. We'll definitely do it again. Plus, we had dinner at the club, so no cooking for me. Yay again!

Yesterday (Saturday) was probably the biggest work event of the year. I got to the site at about 9:30 and didn't leave til 5:30. Which isn't a big deal until you consider that 1. I still worked Monday-Friday for 8+ hours and 2. This was standing on concrete all day in dress shoes. The event itself was a lot of fun but I was completely beat by the end of it.

But my day wasn't over. The site was by a mall so I figured I'd pop in and get a gift for my mom. Traffic sucked, and the line to get in to the store was about 20 minutes. After picking out the gift, I waited for another 30 minutes for my turn to check out. I waited to buy this stupid thing for almost an hour. And then my mom texts to cancel our Mother's Day plans. If it weren't Mother's Day and I hadn't waited for almost an hour I would have returned the stupid thing on principle! (I kid, I kid.)

But my day STILL wasn't over. A group of us were celebrating our friend's birthday and he wanted to go out. So I put on nice clothes and uncomfortable shoes, and actually did have a good time going to a few different clubs and dancing. But at about 1 a.m. I started falling asleep on my feet. We called an Uber and got out of there.

Today, everything hurts from the knees down. I'm not sure if I'll do anything today — I really wanted to go for an outdoor ride or at least a run — but I may just sit on my butt. We'll see.

Happy Mother's Day to my mom friends out there!

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