Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week in review Feb. 8-14: It’s all fun and games until you catch a cold

Not terrible, considering.
Well, I could only hold off the sore throat and stuffy nose for so long. By the time I left work Friday, I could feel that an actual cold was coming on, and proceeded to spend the next two and a half days rotating time between the couch and bed.

I was mostly congested and tired, so any activity was followed by a nap or going to bed. Farmers market and watching the Olympic marathon trials (go Desi!), then nap. Dinner out with friends, then bed while they kept the party going. (Or is that just me being old?) Brunch with my parents, then nap. It was a pretty uneventful Valentine’s Day overall.

By now I’m feeling fine in the head so I’ve been at work, but I promise that I have been washing my hands, using hand sanitizer, and Lysol-ing everything after I touch it. The itchiness caught up with me last night and it was all I could do to make salads for lunch before taking a Benadryl and trying to go to sleep.

Training is not on the schedule right now. But I did get a decent four days in last week:

Swim: Once in the pool for 3200 meters in just less than 1:20. This included my “fastest” (for me, less slow) 100-meter repeat in a long time. Small victories!

Bike: Twice on the trainer for 1:15 each, 2:30 total. Both of these were a warmup, build, and 4 x 5-minute intervals in the big ring.

Run: One very easy treadmill run for 2 miles in 20:40, a 10:20 pace. A slight bump up from the 10:31 pace I had been doing (5.7 mph to 5.8 mph on the treadmill), and it felt fine.

Weights: One session of heavy lifting/body weight exercises for about an hour following my easy run. These usually include pull-ups, pushups, deadlifts, bicep curls, abs, etc. etc. etc.

Total: Five sessions in about 5 hours, 10 minutes. Which, considering that was only four work days, is pretty good.

I’m going to take it easy for at least another day before I even think of doing anything resembling a workout. I went to bed before the “Better Call Saul” season premiere last night, so watching that is about the extent of my plans for tonight. I won’t do anything more stressful than yoga or pre-hab for a while yet, I think. I just need to rest for a bit and get my body ready to go on its own time.

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