Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A moment of swimming clarity

Swim, swim, swim.
I wasn’t looking forward to my usual evening swim Monday. I was already tired, and I knew I would be getting home at bedtime. Throw in time for a snack, logging my workout, getting ready for bed, etc., and I knew it would be another hour at least until I hit the sheets.

Then I realized… I don’t HAVE to swim until the pool closes. I can swim an hour and leave! I’m not being held prisoner and forced to swim laps against my will.

I did 2400 meters in about an hour and headed home in a decent mood. I still got to bed later than I would have liked, but that was no one’s fault but my own.

It was nothing special, but I was much happier about my time in the pool, which is a victory in itself. Hooray!


  1. Most of my swims are in the 2400 - 2800y range at this time of year. Lots of 10x100 or 10x200. I'm rarely there more than an hour.

    1. I get it... but I haven't been getting to the pool more than once per week, and I want to make it worth my while. Ha ha.