Monday, February 22, 2016

Week in review Feb. 15-21: A bit of everything but not enough of anything

Not bad, considering.
OK, maybe that’s a bit melodramatic. The week started out slowly with me getting over a cold, and I had high hopes for getting a million and one things done this weekend. I was productive, but not THAT productive. I try not to be disappointed, but I feel like I come up short every weekend.

The good news is that I did do a little bit of everything in the four days I got any training in, and the highlight of my training weekend was RUNNING OUTSIDE. And not just outside, but a decent 4.25-mile run outside in 61-degree weather! I was not going to miss out on the unseasonably warm temperatures on Saturday.

By the numbers:

Swim: Just once in the pool this week, for 3200 meters in about 1 hour, 20 minutes. Nothing special, as this was my first time in the water in a week and a half after missing my last two planned swims to a cold. However, I did log a couple fast-for-me 100-meter repeats, which felt awesome.

Bike: Twice on the trainer this week for 3 hours, 15 minutes, in one shorter big-ring interval ride and a longer small-ring interval ride. This is working for me right now so I’ll stick with it for a while.

Run: One glorious outside run of 4.25 miles in 44:31. Considering I’m coming back from nothing, I’m happy with that. Plus, although my IT band was a little tender, I was in no real pain at any time during my run. Success!

Weights/plyo: One weights video followed by my plyo exercises, for about an hour and a half total.

Pre-hab: I got through my glutes routine in about 45 minutes, but just ran out of time to do anything else. I had grand plans to do all of my pre-hab while food prepping and cleaning the kitchen on Sunday, but it didn’t happen. I tend to run out of weekend when I still have things I want to do.

Yoga: I DID do some yoga this week. When it became clear I wasn’t going to be a pre-habbing maniac Sunday night, I did 20 minutes of self-guided moves instead. My hips are TIGHT. I needed this. Badly. And probably need it again tomorrow… badly.

Total: Eight sessions in a bit less than 8 hours. Not bad considering I took Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off to recover from my sniffles.

I’m not disappointed with my week; I just wish, like every week, I could have squeezed in a bit more. Scheduling training around real life and all its pop-up disasters is something I’ll probably have to do until I retire!

Here’s hoping I can hold the sniffles off this coming week.

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