Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week in review: 10-16 February


I like organizing my training week Monday to Sunday, just in case I need to move something around on the weekend. So for the first time since I started this blog, let's take a look back at this past week.

Swim: Only twice this week, for about an hour each time. My goal for this coming week is to make it to the pool on Friday morning.

Bike: Two shorter sessions during the week and a longer ride on Saturday, for a total of about four hours. This is about all I can hope for during the winter, so I give myself a pat on my back for this one.

Run: One short run and one longer run, for a total of about an hour and 45 minutes. Not great, but at least I'm getting that longer run in. I should be getting at least two, and more like three, shorter runs during the week -- which is tough with my work schedule. I'm hoping that once it warms up a bit I can start hitting the trail on the way home from the office again.

Other: Weights twice, some plyo exercises once, and one round doing what I call my "pre-hab": strengthening my hips, ankles, arches and toes. I did not get any yoga in this week. A quick look at my training log says I haven't done any yoga since October, which is terrible! I need to bump this up the priority list.

Overall: About 12 hours.

For fun -- and yes, I know my version of fun is a bit warped -- I looked up average 70.3 split times on Here's another handy-dandy chart of the time the average woman aged 35-40 spends on a half-Iron-distance race:

(Ignore the "chart area," haha -- I'm not great with Excel.)

And here's what my week would have looked like without the "other":
Time on the bike is about half my training time, so that's good. And I don't think I want to cut down my swimming time. So, that means I need to work on is squeezing runs back into the week.

... At least until learn to go without sleep, or win the lottery and can quit my job to train full time! ☺

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