Friday, February 21, 2014

I hope there's never a real fire

First thing's first: I made it to the pool this morning, for the first Friday in four weeks. Hooray! I actually made it to bed at a decent hour last night and forced myself out of my nice warm comfy bed shortly after my alarm went off at 5:10 a.m.

I tried a new speed set today: 100 fast (OK, fast-ish) followed by 100 slow, no rest between. I liked it a lot, but I kept mis-hitting my watch, so my splits were all messed up. I had to guesstimate my time for a couple splits, but whatever -- it's amateur swim training, not molecular physics. It doesn't have to be exact.

I had a few minutes to spare as I was coming up to 2000 meters and thought about cranking out an extra 400 or so, but decided to call it a day. It ended up being a very good decision. As I was turning off the shower, the fire alarm went off! It was LOUD (I screamed an expletive -- sorry, kids), but we didn't smell smoke or anything, and the buzzers eventually turned off, so we ladies went on with our routine. One woman went to the front desk to check and returned to tell us yes, we needed to get our butts out of the locker room -- and fast! I just threw on my jeans, boots and coat, grabbed my stuff, and left. A fire truck was pulling up as I was heading out the door, but people were still hanging out in the lobby, so I wasn't too worried.

But now I know I would never survive a real fire, because there was no way I was leaving the locker room in just my towels. Oh well.

I would have loved to get a speed run in this evening. I had it on my schedule, my work was pretty much wrapped up for the day, and then ... it just didn't happen. I was so tired, and my husband wanted to finish watching House of Cards, so we just ordered Thai and called it a night. Blah.

One goal accomplished. Already looking forward to next week's goals of getting more than one weekday run in.

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