Friday, February 14, 2014

Fridays are hard

For most people, the hated day of the week is Monday. I'm not entirely sure why, but Fridays are the most mentally difficult for me -- both for training and otherwise.

By Thursday night, I'm exhausted from the week. I've had plans the past two Thursday evenings, and even though I had good intentions both times to get home early and make it to the pool first thing Friday, it happened neither time. Ugh. Counting being sick the week before that, it's been four weeks since I hit the pool on a Friday morning. Again: Ugh.

My industry can be stressful, and last summer I realized I was falling into a dangerous "drink wine and get depressed after work on Fridays" pattern. I finagled my running schedule to move speed work to Fridays and wow, what a difference! I looked forward to smashing a fast tempo or descending 800s after work, and it set a positive tone for the rest of the day and the whole weekend.

Now, to get back into that pattern.

Is it as easy as not making plans on Thursday evenings? Well, checking out a new restaurant with friends and attending work parties certainly aren't helping. If anything, I need to go to bed earlier on Thursdays, not later.

And how about once I actually hit Friday? It's so easy to sleep in, but logically, I know I'm not going to make much progress swimming only twice a week. My brain is ready to take it easy for the weekend, but there's still work to be done -- work work and training work.

Starting next Thursday, I buckle down: Bed early, pool early, speed run late. I know it will help make me a better athlete and I've got to commit to do it.

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