Monday, January 23, 2017

Week in review Jan. 16-22: A complete change of plans

I had been doing well with my three-day rotation of run, run, lift in recent weeks. I didn't do anything else these last two weeks, but that was OK since those were my priorities.

But I've had a complete priority shift since I got an open spot for the Gasparilla Ultra Challenge next month. I ditched a planned weights workout on Sunday for extra running miles, and I'm not even going to try to swim or bike right now. Runs, long runs, yoga and weights — in that order — are my focus these next five weeks.

SOOOOOO, that's what I ended up doing last week:

Run, run, run, do some other stuff.
Run: Three times, once on the treadmill and twice on the road, for 25.75 miles in about 4:11. I lost an evening to a hair appointment so I didn't hit 30 miles again, but I'm OK with that.

Weights: One barre class for about an hour.

Yoga: One 20-minute session on my own.

Total: Five sessions in about 5.5 hours.

Not bad. I got done what needed to get done (namely back-to-back longish runs) and fit in a few other things. That's about all I can hope for in the coming few weeks.

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