Sunday, January 22, 2017

A long run conundrum

Since I'm suddenly running 30+ miles in two days next month, I had to completely re-haul my training plan. I want to do back-to-back long runs for the next few weekends so I'm at least a little prepared.

I had done 7 yesterday and I wanted to do 11 today, since I had done 10 last weekend. As the miles ticked by, I thought, "The races will probably be two hours of running on Saturday and three hours on Sunday. Since I did just over an hour yesterday, shouldn't I do two hours today?"

I figured I would be OK adding an extra mile to make 12. But I was ticking off miles in the 9:5X range. So do I do an extra bit to make 2 hours, or stop at 12 miles and have to look at a 1:59 run time?

In the end, I decided to run an extra quarter mile to go over the 2-hour mark. It was kind of funny at the very end, because my mileage was getting to 11.97, 11.98 and 11.99 and I was still at 1:59 for time. I could have slowed down, I guess, but I actually sped it up to make that extra 0.25 worth my while.
2 hours or 12 miles? Decisions, decisions.
My knees and tailbone are a little cranky afterward, but it's reassuring to know I can handle 1 hour and 2 hours on back-to-back days. If I can increase both a bit in the next few weeks, I'll feel a lot better about being prepared for the challenge.

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