Monday, January 11, 2016

Week in review Jan. 4-10: Not enough hours in the day

Decent swimming and biking, at least.
Well, a week off to sleep in and fart around was fun while it lasted, but last week was back to work and real life.

As to be expected, my training hours took a big hit. But I did run twice in a week for the first time since my October marathon, I think, so that’s a small victory.

Swim: I got to the pool twice, for 6400 meters total in about 2:45. I felt like I made a minor breakthrough with reaching through the water and pulling it, instead of flailing about from one end to the other.

Bike: Only twice, both on the trainer, for 3 hours total. I had a meeting one night that threw off my s-b-r rotation: Do I skip? Do I trade? Do I try to work another ride in another day? In the end I decided it wasn’t worth the hassle and went out for sushi after my meeting instead.

Run: Twice, once on the treadmill and once OUTSIDE because it was almost 50 degrees in JANUARY, for 4 miles total in about 43 minutes. I kept the treadmill at a s-l-o-w 10:30-ish pace, and ran even a bit slower with my husband outside, and both times my knee felt fine until about mile 1.75. It’s just a personal preference that I would rather do 2 miles slowly than try to run-walk for farther, so that’s what I’m going to keep doing for now.

Pre-hab: One round of hip exercises in about 15 minutes. Eh. I should have done more.

Yoga: One session of mostly hips and hamstrings in about 15 minutes. Again, Eh. I should have done more.

Weights: I just couldn’t/wouldn’t make it work this week. I had big plans to lift during the week, then time got away from me and I didn’t want to eat dinner at 9:30 p.m., so I postponed. Then I had big plans for the weekend, but I saw “The Hateful Eight” instead. (I liked it but it is a Tarantino movie, so prepare for gore.) I need to be more disciplined about lifting, though, because I find it really does make a difference in my body composition.

Total: 8 sessions in just less than 7 hours. Not terrible – the two swims, two bikes and two runs this week is a pretty good base – but of course I always wish I could have squeezed in just a few more.

Judging by the forecast, I won’t be getting outside to run again any time soon (the wind chill was -4 this morning) so this week will be all about getting that indoor work done. The good news is that since getting back on the trainer, my to-read stack of magazines has shrunk considerably.

I’m having a houseguest for the next three weekends, which will be fun but it will surely disrupt my training for sure. So the plan is to hit the weekday workouts hard and if I can get additional stuff done on the weekends, great! Who knows – maybe hibernating away from the -4 windchills will take priority.

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