Saturday, January 9, 2016

Back to work, back to run, and a swim breakthrough

Why you no take me for run, Mommeh?
Unfortunately, it was back to reality this week with that pesky job thing. No more sleeping in until whenever I feel like it and no more training for hours right smack in the middle of the day.

My training really suffered. It's been a very light week of two swims, one trainer ride, two very easy runs, and my hip exercises. That's it. I had grand plans to get lots of stuff done today, but, well, I've done a lot of sitting on my butt instead. Sigh.

My runs have been OK. I've gone for 2 miles, 2 times this week, one on the treadmill and one to enjoy the nice weather today. I took it very easy both times and my IT band felt fine until about mile 1.6 each time, but I was able to finish. I'm getting there.

(I also scored some Adrenalines at 33% off. Brooks is having a sale if you shop online.)

I also feel like I've had a slight swim breakthrough. During my swim last night (going to the pool on a Friday night; do I know how to party or what?) I realized I could reach a bit farther. So I tried reaching as far as I could throughout my stroke and I noticed a pretty steady 0:10 decrease on my sets of 200. Hey! It's not much, but I keep chipping away.

I have hope I'll squeeze in 10 different training sessions tomorrow but chances are small. In the meantime, I'll keep working on that job-life balance, just like everyone else. And maybe play a Powerball ticket.

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