Saturday, January 30, 2016

Warning: It's going to be a low-volume week

Healthy dinner.
I barely made it through this past week. So far, it's been five days of craziness with working late, personal meetings, guests in town, fighting off a cold, finishing up some financial processes that took WAY TOO FRICKING LONG, truck shopping, etc. etc. etc. (Am I the only one who didn't realize pickups were so expensive? Sheesh!)

The other night "dinner" was a 9:45 p.m. trip to Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Their million-flavor pop machines will always be my weakness: half lime, half cherry Fanta, please. But I've actually had a salad for lunch four days this week, so that's something.

I've logged three workouts this week so far, and that includes one session each on the bike and in the pool. Oops. On the plus side, I got 8 hours of sleep last night for the first time in about two weeks.

I plan on putting in a good bike session today and maybe some weight lifting afterward before family starts coming into town for dinner. Tomorrow is a bit of a wild card, although the predicted high temperature is 48, so there's a 99% chance a run will be squeezed in.

I'm preparing to call this week a step back and take whatever I can get. But next week -- watch out!

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