Monday, November 2, 2015

Week in review Oct. 26-Nov. 1: A big pile of (almost) nothing

A light week, to say the least.
Guys, I have been having a hard time these past couple of weeks. I think that this might be the least amount of training minutes that I’ve ever reviewed.
It’s now 15 days after the Freep Marathon and I’m not even close to being back to my normal self. I was pleasantly surprised to run all 26.2 without any IT band pain, and I expected that I would be stiff and sore for a few days afterward. All the normal aches, pains, chafing and blisters lingered for a few days, but healed as to be expected. (And I did end up losing that toenail.)

Then, seemingly out of the blue, my OTHER knee started giving me a hard time. I have been afraid to run at all because just when I think it feels better, I start getting stabbing pain just from walking. It’s not quite in the location of my IT band and not quite under my patella. I dug out my patellar strap brace from years ago and tried wearing that, and it helped a tiny bit.

Combine that with my family coming into town last week – and of course celebrating my grandmother’s 80th birthday and other family stuff take priority over a few runs – and I have done pretty much diddly squat. Plus, it hasn't been a good week otherwise: My computer died and someone went on a shopping spree with my credit card. It's been one thing after another.

Anyway, last week:
Pre-hab: 15 minutes of hip-strengthening exercises.

Yoga: 20 minutes of self-guided movement, mostly for hips, hamstrings and back.

Total: A vomit-worthy 35 minutes. 35 MINUTES.

I really, REALLY want and need to get back into the swing of things. I need to figure out my knee issue and get running again. I need to get back in the pool and on the bike. I need to lift some weights and do my pre-hab and yoga. ... And while I'm at it, I need a couple million dollars and a few hours of additional free time, too.

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