Friday, November 27, 2015

Two birthdays, a vacation and Thanksgiving means I'm off the wagon

I've been slacking on my training for the last month, but over the last few weeks I pretty much stopped doing anything except eat.

First, it was my husband's birthday, so there was a lot of this:
Edible cookie dough -- my husband's favorite.
Then we went out of state for a wedding, so there was a lot of this:
One of many delicious breakfasts out on the road.
Then we took an extra day to get home, so there was a bit more of this:
Sugar, fries, drinks, and more sugar: Vacation food of champions.
Then it was Thanksgiving. We went out to a delicious buffet but I still baked and bought way too many sweets to enjoy back at home afterward. This was a small sampling:
Not proud to say I ate most of that pumpkin roll over Thanksgiving Day.
I wrapped up the week with my own birthday celebration. Instead of going out to yet another dinner, I decided I wanted to do this:
So. As a result, I'm pretty much back to square one. In the last month, I've gotten on the bike twice for easy spins, tried and failed to run one mile, and done a bit of yoga and pre-hab. And that's it.

I'm going to finish having my fun, and then commit to get back on track. I want to do SOMETHING every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I'm already two for two with a bit of yoga last night and my hip-strengthening moves today. I've washed out my bike shorts in anticipation for a ride tomorrow. I need to get moving again!

I'm still going to hold off on running for a bit longer, but swim, bike, lifting weights, yoga and pre-hab are all fair game. Now to get back into a regular schedule before I backslide much farther.

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