Thursday, December 18, 2014

My thoughts swimming in a full pool

It was like this, but in a pool.
I've been lucky swimming during the day and only finding a few other people -- and sometimes no other people -- in the pool while I'm there.

Here's what was on my mind when I got to the pool the other day and every lane was already taken:

Oh, dang. Someone in every lane already. Darn it! That's what I get for trying to swim at lunchtime. OK, let's see -- any other women? Yep, that one on the end -- wait, no, that's a guy in a tri suit. In the pool in December? To each his own, I guess. I'll give tri suit guy a break. Hmmm, that guy is pretty slow, I better leave him alone. That guy is taking very wide flip turns, I'll leave him alone, too. OK, that guy is stopping. "Mind if I jump in?" OK, cool. Wait a minute -- dang it! He's doing the backstroke wearing fins! Oh well, too late now.

OK, swim, swim, swim. Do de do. He's actually staying on his side pretty well for doing the back stroke. I can't swim that straight on my back. Do de do, swim swim swim. Wait, did tri suit guy get out? Let me take a look... yep. Maybe I'll sneak into his lane... WHOA, where did that splash come from? Did that dude just jump into that lane? OK then... I guess I'm staying here.

Is that new guy wearing board shorts? Dang, he's faster than me and he's wearing board shorts. Ugh, I'm so slow, why do I bother? Well, he has to take more breaks than me... I guess I've got him on stamina. Oh, he wants to race, huh? Yay, I beat board shorts guy back to the wall! Do de do, swim swim swim.

Did my lane mate get out? Cool, I'll swim in the middle for a while. Swim swim swim. Hmmm, there's a guy waiting for a lane, I'll be nice since the other guy let me in without a fight. "Hop in, I'll scoot over." OK, back to my side. Do de do. Did board shorts guy get out already? What time is it? OK, one more set and then my cool down. Wait... where is everyone? Am I the only one left in the pool?

And for my next swim I resolve to come a bit before or after the lunchtime pool party. Although I must say the company was entertaining, at least.

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