Monday, December 29, 2014

December goals check-in: Let's call it a Christmas break and only 10.45 miles to go

Not much to add from last week, but I'm so close!
Well, it was definitely an interesting week. I had a total of four family Christmas get-togethers, and there was definitely some slack-age when it came to running and swimming. But I had a lot of fun with family, so to me it was worth it.

I also ate WAAAAAAAAY too many cookies and sweets. But, you know what, that was pretty much worth it, too. Yum!

Let's take a look at last week:

Swim goal: Get to the pool twice weekly.
Swim actual: Got to the pool once. I just didn't feel like going through all the trouble of getting to the Y on the day after Christmas, so I got some inside work done instead.

Bike goal: Get on the trainer three times weekly.
Bike actual: Got on the trainer three times. I have now been successful at this FOUR weeks in a row! I had to do a bit of schedule finagling so I could take Christmas Day off, but I made it work.

Run goal: Hit 1,000 miles by the end of the year.
Run actual: With all the holiday craziness, I only got two runs in this week: a very easy 5K with my husband, and a comfortably speedy 5-miler by myself. But, it was still 8 additional miles toward 1,000, and now I only have 10.45 left to go. That works out to 3.5 miles today, tomorrow and New Year's Eve, and since we're getting a cold snap, 3.5 sounds about right before I die of boredom on the treadmill. Ha!

Weight lifting goal: Six times this month.
Weight lifting actual: I did do a weights video and my plyo moves, making my December total four sessions.

Pre-hab goal: Six times this month.
Pre-hab actual: Didn't happen this week, so I'm still at two total for December.

Yoga goal: Six times this month.
Yoga actual: Didn't happen this week, so I'm still at two total for December.

Weight goal: Lose three pounds.
Weight actual: I haven't weighed myself again since I remembered mid-month, and to be honest, I'm a bit scared to see what the number will be after I've been inhaling chocolate chip cookies and apple pie all week. Not so scared that I've actually stopped inhaling chocolate chip cookies and apple pie, mind you.

I knew last week would be light because of the holiday, so I'm pleased I got in as much training as I did. This week, my goal will be to finish 2014 strong and start 2015 with a bang.


  1. What do you do to pass the time on the trainer? I've recently discovered the Sufferfest videos along with Trainer Road... I actually look forward to my time on the trainer now!

    1. I've been watching Breaking Bad all the way through! I keep an eye on the time at the bottom and try to pick it up every minute for 5 minutes and then ease up to start over. If I'm not feeling like an interval workout I'll read magazines -- I have a huge backlog.