Friday, December 26, 2014

December milestone mileage

Woo hoo! I passed 100 miles for December today.
Hey hey, look at that! I passed 100 running miles today on my jaunt around the neighborhood. It was a great run, too -- high 40s, sunny, trying out a new shirt I got for Christmas, and each mile was a bit faster while feeling nice and easy.

You can see that until I started seriously training for my October marathon, my running mileage was nothing to write home about. What a difference having a goal makes! I've already started thinking about goals for next year.

Hopefully I can keep this momentum going to finish off 2014 strong and start 2015 just as strong.


  1. Well done! I was out running in shorts yesterday... In MI... On December 27th.

    1. Ha, I was still in tights! You are braver and/or better acclimated to the cold than I.