Sunday, December 7, 2014

December goals check-in: A+ in swim/bike/run, F- in everything else

One week of December down, and I think I'm off to a pretty good start.

First, the good news:

Swim goal: Get to the pool twice weekly.
Swim actual: Got to the pool twice. Hooray!

Bike goal: Get on the trainer three times weekly.
Bike actual: Got on the trainer three times. Hooray!

Run goal: Hit 1,000 miles by the end of the year.
Run actual: I logged 32.5 miles this week, which is my best week since the marathon. Considering I'm not officially training for anything other than life, it's a pretty darn good total. Hooray!

OK. Now the bad news:

Weight lifting goal: Six times this month.
Weight lifting actual: Nothing yet. Boo.

Pre-hab goal: Six times this month.
Pre-hab actual: Nothing yet.  Boo.

Yoga goal: Six times this month.
Yoga actual: Nothing yet. Boo.

Weight goal: Lose three pounds.
Weight actual: Well, I remembered to weigh myself. It wasn't pretty. But now I have a starting point, right? We'll see where I am after another week or so.

So, where to from here? Keep going with my base in swim/bike/run, and build on what I have. And somehow, somewhere, try to fit in everything else when I can. Story of my life!

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  1. It all looks great to me! I think the biggest hurdle of tri training is getting it all in. I CANNOT get all my swims, bikes and runs in, AND yoga, AND weight training, AND be a mother, wife, friend and have alone time. Something has to give! Start where you are...and it looks great!