Monday, December 15, 2014

December goals check-in: Adding in some "other"

I'm getting closer and closer.
Hey hey. Not a bad little week over in my corner of the world. Let's check in to where I wanted to be by the end of December:

Swim goal: Get to the pool twice weekly.
Swim actual: Got to the pool twice. Hooray! I was successful at this two weeks in a row.

Bike goal: Get on the trainer three times weekly.
Bike actual: Got on the trainer three times. Hooray! I was successful at this two weeks in a row.

Run goal: Hit 1,000 miles by the end of the year.
Run actual: I logged a solid 35 miles this week, which bumps out last week as my best week since the marathon. That included a "track practice" which turned out to be a couple of women who happened to be running around a nearby dark track (oops -- but, I made it work) and two other runs outside. I have to take advantage of these relatively mild Michigan December temperatures because we'll be under three feet of snow before too long.

My overall yearly running total is now at 953.69 miles, which means that if I average 2.75 miles daily (thanks to yesterday's 12-miler), I'll hit 1,000 miles by Dec. 31. Hooray! I'm on my way.

Weight lifting goal: Six times this month.
Weight lifting actual: This is where I saw the most marked improvement from last week. I actually got in two sessions this week: one round using heavy weights and body weight, and one video. I followed both with some plyo exercises, which are my favorite exercises to hate. So my December total is, um, two.

Pre-hab goal: Six times this month.
Pre-hab actual: I got in one round this week, making one total for December.

Yoga goal: Six times this month.
Yoga actual: I got in one session this week, making one total for December.

Weight goal: Lose three pounds.
Weight actual: Not sure where I am with this, as I haven't hit the scale since my initial weigh-in. I never seem to remember in the morning before I eat breakfast. However, my crappy eating habits have waned a bit in the last few weeks and I've been training consistently, so my (hopeful) guess is that I'm down a little.

So, there you have it -- after a good start I was able to build a bit of momentum. I don't expect the next few weeks to be any easier with the holidays and related craziness, but I'm hoping that this solid start helps me to stay on track. Let's see what else I can accomplish in the next two and a half weeks.


  1. I have an app on my phone and record my weight daily. I find it's the only way to hold myself accountable as weight is a HUGE issue for me. I've lost 71 pounds, gained 30 back, lost the 30 pounds, gained 15 back, etc...

  2. Good idea! My problem is that I just forget in the morning because I am running around like a maniac taking the dogs out and making coffee. LOL! Maybe I just need to put a sticky note in the bathroom!