Monday, August 11, 2014

Week in review 4-10 August: Putting the "S" in "LSD"

Lots of biking. Lots of running.
It felt like the theme of the week was slow, slow, slow.

But I nearly had a heart attack when I added up all my training and saw I'd put in SEVENTEEN HOURS and 3 minutes this week. Holy cow! No wonder I'm tired.

Swim: Twice at the pool and once at the lake for a total of about 2.75 hours.

Bike: Twice on the indoor trainer and my second 60-miler on the road for a total of 6 hours, 40 minutes. Wow! I did OK on the long ride. This one was slower than my 60-miler a few weeks ago, but I am feeling more confident with each hour I spend in the saddle, so I'll take it.

Run: A five-day streak that included a short tempo run, an easier medium-distance run, speed work (quarter-mile repeats, ugh), a quick brick and my first 20-miler of this marathon cycle, for a total of 42 miles in 7 hours and 22 minutes. Again, wow! It was by far my slowest-paced 20-miler possibly ever, but I put my head down and got it done.

Other: The only extra thing I did this week was a nice dog walk one morning to make up for not being able to swim in the pool even though my butt was out of bed at 5:10 a.m. and yes, I am still bitter.

Total: I already said it, but this is worth saying again: 17 hours and 3 minutes. By far my best week ever.

And that's my peak. I'll cut back a little this coming weekend, and then I'll officially be tapering. This training has been fun, but I'm looking forward to not swimming and not biking for a while. Only 13 days left!

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