Friday, August 15, 2014

Nothing much to see but stress and storms

I've been quiet because there's not much to report. Swim, bike, run, sleep, eat, work. That's about it.

We had historic flooding in the Detroit area Monday but, luckily, I wasn't affected except for a very long commute home that evening. Thank goodness for my jeep.

My day off turned into two when I was too exhausted to get up early Tuesday, and because my husband and I had a special event that evening. Oh well, an extra rest day isn't going to be the death of me.

By now, all the waters have receded and I'm into my last full week of training. It's been gorgeous weather — cooler in the evenings and not humid at all! Hooray! It's made for some very pleasant running.

One more big push this weekend, a few scattered workouts next week, and then the big day is here. Holy cow.

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