Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January wrap-up and February goals

All I do is run.
I had good intentions to get back in the pool and back on the bike in January. I wanted to add in at least one of each workout per week, while maintaining the focus on building back my run and lifting weights twice per week. My run build was going well and I was starting to see improvements in my weight-lifting abilities (and muscle-flexing abilities).

Then I got THE email getting me off the waiting list for a two-day, 30-mile running challenge (are you sick of me talking about it yet?) and my priorities got completely shifted around. My focus went from a three-day rotation of run-run-lift to fitting in back-to-back medium and long runs. That meant weekend lifting time got re-allocated to additional running miles; that also meant I’d have to be happy with one moderate weights workout per week for now.

The good news is that knowing that I just can’t think about swim and bike right now, some (some!) of the stress of “fitting it all in” is gone. I run both weekend days and hopefully twice during the week; one off day is a weights or barre day; and I do some yoga when I can. And that’s all I have to worry about for now!

One side effect of the upcoming races is that I WAY overshot my January running goal. I was hoping for 100 and ended up at 125 even. No doubt that most of those extra miles are from the sudden back-to-back weekend runs; instead of running for 3 miles and lifting for an hour on Sundays, I’m running for 12-14 miles. But, I’m being smart, resting, stretching, and not trying to be a speed demon.

January goals recap:

Run 100 miles
– ran 125 after re-prioritizing running.

Keep up the run, run, lift rotation – I actually DID do this for the first half of the month, but then had to de-prioritize lifting and settle for once a week for the rest of the month.

Practice yoga twice per week – I ended up at 5 times for the month, so not terrible, but there is definitely room for improvement.

Swim and bike once per week – did not happen. I really don’t have an excuse for the first half of the month, either.

February goals:

Run 100 miles
– Pretty sure I can do this again.

Finish final build/taper/race for Gasparilla – I don’t really have a choice; I will have to do this one way or another. =)

Practice yoga twice per week – I think this is more easily attainable if I’m not trying to also add in swim and bike.

Lift weights once per week – Again, I think I can do this if I’m not also trying to add in swim and bike.

Don’t be a hero – I’m not going to win the thing, so I DON’T want to run myself back into an injury. Be smart. Rest. Take some Mondays off. Be content with walking the dogs some days. Read. Relax. Sit on your butt once in a while. It’s OK.

Onward to another great month.

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