Monday, February 13, 2017

Week in review Feb. 6-12: Lots of running and some yoga, too

Great running last week, and decent other stuff, too.
Overall, last week was great for training. I hit all my goals: Four runs, two of them long; one weights workout; and two yoga sessions. That's about all I can hope for as my main focus is the final stretch before the Gasparilla Ultra Challenge.

I had one very long day at work, but I lucked out on the weekend with decent running weather. I made it to barre once. And I hit my bonus goals of using my crock pot once per week (this week it was bone broth) and eating organ meat or shellfish once per week (this week was chicken livers and onions). We even took the mutts to the vet for their checkups!

I think the difference this week was having manageable goals instead of trying to do 100 things and getting disappointed. I also upheld my tradition of not working out a single Friday in 2017 yet; this week I crawled into bed after work and didn't come out until my husband had brought home barbecue for dinner. Oh, well — I was feeling myself again by Saturday.

It shook down to:

Run: Four times, two on the treadmill and two outside, for 37.5 miles in about 6 hours, 23 minutes. This included two easy mid-week runs (the treadmill runs) and an 11- and a 16.5-miler on the weekend. I am pretty sure that's the most I've run in a weekend, ever, including marathon weekends.

Weights: One barre class for about an hour. My glutes and thighs were screaming for mercy.

Yoga: Two solo sessions for about 50 minutes total. These were mostly bends, twists, dogs, and whatever else I could think of to open my hips and loosen my hamstrings.

Total: 7 sessions in about 8 hours, 13 minutes. WOW! The biggest chunk of this was easily the almost-3-hour long run Sunday.

By session:
Fully 1/3 of my training was Sunday's long run, and another 1/4 was Saturday's medium run.

Overall, not too shabby! Lots of running, hopefully enough to help prepare me for my big race, and some other stuff, too.

I'm looking forward to taking a bit of a break from running, but I'm also looking forward to race weekend, and all the fun that comes with a race-cation.

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