Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Some old goals I had made for 2016

Eating leaves once a day AND playing with the mutts: Two for the price of one.
Cleaning out my email inbox today, I found this list of 2016 goals. Some were better accomplished than others:

Drink more water than coffee: Successful most days!

Use moisturizer: I think I meant on my hands, which I was pretty good about.

Wear gloves when I go outside: Complete fail. I almost never wear gloves because I want the ability to grab dog leashes or steering wheels. This makes my hands super dry in the winter, which was probably the reason behind the previous goal.

Get to work on time: Ummmmmmmmm no. But it's usually within 10-15 minutes, I'm usually there before my boss, and I don't punch a clock. So I don't think it really matters.

Eat leaves at least once a day: Successful most days!

Get 8 hours of sleep: Utter and complete failure during the week. I think I've actually gotten worse at getting to bed on time. I'm just really bad at shutting everything down and off early enough. I'm generally a pessimist in life but I'm way too optimistic about how much time I need to fit in 100 things. (See also: Get to work on time.)

Read for pleasure: Sadly, no. I have huge piles of books and magazines to get through. On the plus side, I only bought a few books this year, so the pile didn't get TOO much bigger.

Play with the mutts every day: I did this when I could.

Get back down to race weight: This is a work in progress. Nailing down some health issues has really helped.

Don’t eat crappy chocolate or drink crappy wine: Success! I don't bother with the mass market junk anymore.

Don’t drink wine on a school night: Ahem, successful most days.

Hard stop on caffeine at noon during the week, 2 p.m. weekends: I actually did pretty good with this. I'll finish my cup if I'm still working on one past noon, but I don't pour anything after 11:45 a.m. or so during the week. I allow myself a bit of leeway on the weekends because getting late morning/early afternoon coffee is a guilty habit of my husband and me.

I think I'll just copy and paste these as my general goals for 2017. Except the gloves. Gloves are dumb.

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