Friday, April 1, 2016

March in review: Some slow but steady progress

Hours trained this month. Not too shabby.
March came in like a lion and out like a ... something. But the training was decent and, more importantly, a consistent build from last month.

I swam, biked and ran one more time each, compared to February. Sadly, I didn't do any weights or pre-hab all month. Ugh. But, I got a bit of yoga in.

I compared this month's totals to last month's and to last March's, just to see how I'm stacking up:
Pretty consistent swimming this season.
Swim: I swam 7 times in the pool for about 18,650 meters, in almost 8 hours. (The chart is in miles, thanks Daily Mile.) Not bad. That's either once or twice per week, depending on the week.

Compared to last month: One more session, so more meters and time overall, too.

Compared to last March: One fewer session.

Bike: I biked 10 times, all on the trainer, in about 14 hours, 45 minutes. Nothing special here: These were all either big-ring intervals or longer rides with small-ring intervals.

Compared to last month: One more session, and about an hour longer.

Compared to last March: One fewer session. (I'm sensing a pattern here.)
Runs by week...
And by month for the past year. I'm getting there.
Run: I ran 7 times, all on the ROAD because we've had a lot of warm days, for 29.5 miles in just longer than 5 hours. Folks, this is why you add up your monthly total a few days before the end of the month. I could have easily squeezed another half-mile in there somewhere. But, they were all enjoyable. (Mostly.)

Compared to last month: One more run and 11 more miles. Yay!

Compared to last March: Again, apples to penguins: Last year I ran 18 times for 125 miles, but I wasn't recovering from IT band weirdness.

I also did about an hour of yoga in March, spread out over three sessions. But I didn't do anything else. Ugh.

So, like everything else, there's room for improvement. But I have improved from February, so I'm making progress. Now to keep building on that for April.

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