Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Week in review April 11-17: Lots of family, too much ice cream, and some running successes

I mean, it wasn't TERRIBLE.
Ugh. You guys. I'm late posting because work has been a challenge. I think I managed a big success today — I'll know for sure tomorrow — so hopefully it hasn't all been for nothing.

Anyway, last week started off great! I did some pre-hab while my early supper settled before my swim Monday, I did a trainer ride and some weight lifting Tuesday, and went for a run followed by the rest of the my weight lifting cycle on Wednesday. Yay, a great start to the week!

And then… training got superseded for family time. Thursday’s ride got bumped for dinner with all my siblings-in-law. I did drag my husband for a run Friday in the nice weather. But all day Saturday I spent time with my family in town, and all day Sunday I spent with my husband’s family in town. Sadly, as a result, I barely got to enjoy the warm weather. (I did squeeze in a run Sunday morning for sanity’s sake.)

I have been watching my sugar intake closely lately and trying to limit myself to one sweet thing on the weekend. Saturday, that one sweet thing was a double scoop of ice cream from a shop near my condo that my cousins wanted to check out. It must have been too much for me to handle because I felt sick to my stomach for the rest of the day and had to lie down for an hour after they left. Nooo! Not my beloved ice cream!

When I wasn’t babysitting family or eating too much, I did:

Swim: Once in the pool for 2400 meters in about 1:07. My legs were tired and I wanted to take it easy after getting short of breath last time in the pool. And running took precedence over my usual Friday evening swim.

Bike: Just once on the trainer for 1:15. No rides outside in the gorgeous weather. Sad face.

Run: THREE times outside for a total of 13.25 miles in about 2:13. Now, this part was a success! According to Daily Mile, Wednesday’s 4.25-miler was my speediest run since September, this week’s mileage of 13.25 was the highest since October, and this was the first time I’ve run three times in a week since October. AND this was the second time since last fall I’ve run a 6-miler, the first time I’ve done it in less than an hour. So, some minor successes here to balance out the fails!

Weights: One round of my body/heavy routine, split up into two sessions, for about 1 hour total.

Pre-hab: One session of hip-strengthening exercises for about 15 minutes.

Yoga: One self-guided session for about 15 minutes.

Total: 9 sessions for just longer than 6 hours. Meh. Considering I lost two whole days, I guess I could have done worse.

Not counted: A bunch of dog-walking time, done a couple of evenings after family went home or we got back into town. They LOVED it, of course. Does pulling on their leashes count as a shoulder workout?

Well, it won’t be the last nice weekend (let’s hope) ever, so while it’s a big bummer I didn’t get more outside training in, it’s a first-world problem that training time got replaced with family time. Even if we (I) did eat too much ice cream.

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