Monday, December 21, 2015

Week in review Dec. 14-20: A workout buffet with the main helping on Saturday

A decent week.
I got off to a slow start training-wise last week, since I had a bunch of personal stuff happening in the evenings. Things calmed down by Friday and I went for a decent swim that night. I got the bulk of the week’s training done on Saturday, with riding my bike on the trainer, a weights video, plyo moves, the rest of my hips moves I didn’t finish the day before, and even some yoga. Whew!

I’m in the thick of getting ready for Christmas so I don’t know how much training I’ll get in this week. If I stick with my “at least a few minutes of something every day” vow, I think I’ll be OK.

Side note: I’ve successfully avoided most Christmas treats so far this year, save a sample of dark chocolate toffee (OMG) being passed out at Trader Joe’s yesterday and my true weakness, cinnamon and sugar roasted almonds, which someone left in our office today. I’m sure I’ll get PLENTY of junk food in the coming week, don’t you worry.
Lots of biking.
Here’s last week by the numbers:

Swim: One trip to the pool for 2800 meters in, and although this is embarrassing I’m posting it anyway for accountability, 1:16. I’m rationalizing this by adding that my “fast” sets are slightly faster than last time, and I’m taking a few seconds less rest on the intervals. I’ll get there.

Bike: Three times on the trainer, once for an hour each and one “long” ride of an hour and a half, for 3:30 total. These are mostly build for a while, do a couple of big-ring intervals, and cool down.

Weights: One video (Bob Harper’s Pure Burn Super Strength – holy cow was this hard) and one set of plyo moves for the first time in a LONG time, for about 1:25 total. I’ve been holding off on the plyo moves to not irritate my IT bands further, but they felt fine Saturday. Yay!

Pre-hab: Two full rounds of my hip moves and one full round of my glutes moves for 1:15. Ideally I’d like to get through each three times per week, but this is a lot more than the nothing I was doing.

Yoga: Two self-guided sessions of mostly bends, twists, pigeons, etc. for 40 minutes total.

Total: 12 sessions in just longer than 8 hours. Not too shabby, considering.

As I mentioned, I had “stuff” almost every night (haircut, meeting, etc.) during the week, but put in a full training day Saturday. By day, it broke down to:

Monday: 15 minutes of pre-hab.

Tuesday: 60 minutes on the trainer.

Wednesday: 25 minutes of yoga.

Thursday: 60 minutes on the trainer.

Friday: 5 minutes of pre-hab (I started and got busy with something else) and 76 minutes in the pool for 81 minutes total.

Saturday: 90 minutes on the trainer, 65 of a weights video, 20 of plyo moves, 10 of pre-hab, and 15 of yoga for 200 minutes total.

Sunday: 45 minutes of pre-hab.
Training day by day.
That breaks down to a full 41% of my training happening on Saturday. Whew!
A long Saturday.
I’ve posted about being a “weekend warrior” before, and honestly, as long as I work a day job that will be how I get the long hours in. Plus, I always feel good after a nice long day of working my muscles – and it’s nice to have a guilt-free, lazy Sunday, too.

Swim, bike, lift, yoga, pre-hab, repeat: Not a bad way to counteract the Christmas cookies and toffee.

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