Monday, December 28, 2015

Week in review Dec. 21-27: I definitely could have done worse

Not great but not bad considering the holiday.
Even though I had Christmas Craziness to contend with last week, I got a decent amount of training in.

My evenings were pretty booked: The company party followed by prepping for my department party took up all of Tuesday night, and I prepped my dishes for my in-laws' Christmas Eve brunch the night before, Wednesday. Literally less than a minute after I took the potatoes out of the oven, we got the call that a downed wire in the area would have to push brunch back a day. GRRRRR! However, it worked out for the best, as I spent all of Christmas Eve running last-minute errands and wrapping presents. My husband and I even went for our traditional Christmas Story Virtual 5K run on Christmas Eve.

I took Christmas Day completely off training (partly since we now had two family get-togethers to squeeze in) but was back at it on Saturday... until it was time to get ready to (finally) see The Force Awakens. Yesterday was the in-laws' extended family get-together, which was a ton of fun and baby snuggling. (I am a shameless baby hogger.) Plus, we still got home at a decent enough hour that I could wrap up leftover training from Saturday and even get some yoga in.

I feel like last week was a good mix of training and holiday/family time. I got enough activity to not feel like a blob, but still made time for celebrating. By the numbers:

Swim: Nothing this week. My evenings were pretty booked and the pool was closed for much of Christmas Eve and all of Christmas Day.

Bike: Twice on the trainer for 2:30 total.

Run: One very easy 5K in about 36 minutes.

Weights: One full run-through of my body/heavy routine split into two sessions, with my plyo moves following the second half, for about 1:15 total.

Pre-hab: One set of hip exercises and one set of glutes exercises for about 55 minutes total.

Yoga: Three sessions of my usual stretches for about 55 minutes total.

Total: 11 sessions for about 6 hours, 11 minutes.

Nothing spectacular but considering the holiday and related busy-ness, I'll take it!

This week will be more of the same. I have the week mostly off work (hooray!) so I'd like to do a lot of training during the day, but, um, I kind of slept in til 9 a.m. today, so the high-volume stuff might have to wait until tomorrow. Again this week the pool is closed for much of New Year's Eve and all of New Year's Day, so although I definitely want to go, it will take some schedule finagling.

The good news is the present wrapping, cookie baking and food prepping is all behind me. I'd like to get in some deep housecleaning, sleeping and dog cuddling, but hitting training hard is definitely a priority this week. I have to burn off all those Christmas cookies somehow!

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