Monday, October 12, 2015

Week in review Oct. 5-11: Some gentle movement but still no running

Not a lot happened last week besides getting in some pre-hab/rehab and doing an easy spin on the bike a couple of times. It did feel good to work up a slight sweat once again.

We celebrated my husband’s college homecoming on Saturday. After a few hours of walking all over the city, my IT band was hurting to the point I was limping. It was still sore Sunday morning, so I skipped what was going to be my test run before my marathon this Sunday, and started having the DNS conversation with myself.

By later in the day Sunday, it wasn’t hurting anymore, and I even went for a nice long dog walk with my mom and our combined three mutts. It felt fine later and still feels fine today (Monday). Now, I can’t help having the “Well, maybe it will be OK!” conversation with myself.

Sigh. I don’t know what to think or do at this point. I am likely going to rest it except for one or two easy test runs this week, and make a game-time decision.

Last week by the numbers:

Bike: Two easy spins on the trainer for a half-hour each time, for 1 hour total.

Pre-hab: Three sessions of hip- and glute-strengthening moves at about 45 minutes each, for about 2:15 total.

Yoga: Only one session this week for about 30 minutes.

Total: Six sessions in 3:45.

Not counting a few long walks, with and without dogs.

I’m hopeful but realistic about the rest of the week. It will probably be some gentle movement, stretching, strengthening, and little to no running. I may or may not end it with 26.2. But one way or another, I will live to race another day.

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