Monday, October 19, 2015

Week in review Oct. 12-18: Rest, recharge and RACE!!!

It's amazing what 26.2 will do to your pie chart.
Here’s a quick week in review for Monday, but since the meat of my week was running all 26.2 miles of the Detroit Free Press Marathon Sunday, I’ll save most of that for the official race report, coming soon. I know you’re dying of anticipation.

Other than the marathon, I ran a couple miles here and there, pedaled a bit, and stretched and strengthened a bit. I wanted to take it easy to reduce the risk of any inflammation, and Friday and Saturday I was busy with work and other stuff anyway.

Bike: One easy pedal on the trainer for 30 minutes.

Pre-hab: Two sessions of about 50 minutes total, during which I split up hip- and glute-strengthening moves.

Yoga: One self-guided 30-minute session.

RUN: Two test runs of 2 miles each on the treadmill for 20 minutes each. Then the Freep Marathon Sunday, where I covered 26.2 in 4:29:46. That makes the weekly total 30.2 miles in about 5 hours, 10 minutes.

Total: Seven sessions in almost exactly 7 hours.

This was actually a pretty typical pre-marathon week for me: A few easy runs, a few easy other things, nothing too stressful, and getting as much rest as possible. Followed by the big dance on Sunday, of course.

I’m actually looking forward to getting back into some higher-volume weeks. I have a giant stack of magazines to catch up on while I’m soft pedaling, and I need to get back into a weights routine. I’m getting a bit softer around the middle, and I’d like to work on getting ahead of that before the holidays. I’m not as excited about getting back in the pool, but I’m sure even that will come with time.

First thing’s first: An easy week to rest and recover.

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