Monday, January 12, 2015

Week in Review 5-11 January: The weather outside is frightful

Goofing around in Numbers. What pretty colors!
Negative wind chills be darned. I still had a pretty good training week, hitting all of my main goals and getting a decent amount of training in despite it being just generally lousy outside.

Swim: Twice this week for just over an hour each time, for a total of about 2.25 hours. I am just starting to get my pace down to where I don't feel I need to swim with a paper bag over my head.

Bike: Nothing exciting here -- three indoor trainer rides, two shorter and one longer, for about 4.75 hours total.

Run: Five runs this week, all on the treadmill: three easy, one medium distance, and one speed for 26 miles in about 4.25 hours total. My internet went out later in the week so I couldn't watch Breaking Bad on Netflix -- curses!

I really liked my speed workout and I'm totally doing it again: One mile easy warmup, then a quarter mile at 6.2, 6.4, 6.6 and 6.8 mph; 6.2, 6.6, 6.8 and 7.0 mph; 6.2, 6.8, 7.0 and 7.2 mph; and finally 6.2, 7.0, 7.2 and 7.4 mph, followed by an easy mile cool down. That last three-quarters of a mile was tough -- 7.4 mph equates to an 8:06 minute per mile pace, which is about my 5K race pace. You could easily adjust this workout to whatever is a challenging pace for you at the time, too.

Yoga: Twice this week, both self-guided, once for about 20 minutes and once for about 40 minutes for 1 hour total. Felt good.

Weights: One round of heavy weights/body weight exercises that took me about 1 hour. I bumped up my squat weight a few pounds and I was definitely feeling it the next day.

Plyo: One round following my weights workout for about 20 minutes.

Overall: About 13.5 hours total, which is great for a base-building week.

I feel like I'm off to a good start this month and year. I don't want to jinx it, because my husband has finally come down with whatever crud is going around, and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before I get sick, too. But, until then, I'll be getting that training in.


  1. Well done! I always find it easier to be on the treadmill if I'm doing some sort of structured workout. Oh, and it being negative 1 bajillion degrees outside helps motivate me to hop on the stupid treadmill!

    1. Breaking Bad on Netflix has been my saving grace this winter!