Monday, January 5, 2015

December/January goals check-in: a mild success

Not too shabby.
It wasn't a bad week changing the calendar from 2014 to 2015. I did some kind of exercise every day, even if it was easy. I ran, biked, swam and did some other stuff, too.

Swim goal: Get to the pool twice weekly.
Swim actual: Got to the pool twice. Hooray! I am hoping this helps to set a baseline for 2015.

Bike goal: Get on the trainer three times weekly.
Bike actual: Got on the trainer three times. Hooray! I have now been successful at this FIVE weeks in a row. Not a shabby way to start off the year.

Run goal: Hit 1,000 miles by the end of the year.
Run actual: I did accomplish this before the new year. Hooray! My mileage total was 26.5 for the week, 10.5 in 2014 and 16 in 2015. I'd ideally like to hit at least 100 miles every month in 2015, so I'm well on my way toward that.

Weight lifting goal: Six times this month.
Weight lifting actual: I did do both my heavy/body routine and a weights video, following up both with my plyo moves, during the week. However, one was in 2014 and the other in 2015, so I technically only lifted weights five times in December. Almost there!

Pre-hab goal: Six times this month.
Pre-hab actual: One round last week, making it three total for December. I'd like to improve on this for January.

Yoga goal: Six times this month.
Yoga actual: One session last week, making it three total for December. I'd like to improve on this for January, too.

Weight goal: Lose three pounds.
Weight actual: Welp, here's the part that was not a success, no matter how I spin it. I was down two by mid-month, then back up those two and another 0.4 by the end of the month. Too many Christmas goodies.

So, looking ahead into the new year, I'd like to keep the swimming, biking, running and weight lifting going strong. It's hard to tell from that Daily Mile chart, but I had a monster day this past Saturday: a two-hour trainer ride, a weights video, a run, and my plyo moves. I won't have the freedom to do that every Saturday, but I'd like to take advantage of the days I can.

Pre-hab and yoga continue to be my dragons. I just don't make the time for them in the rotation. I need to keep working at that.

I don't have any flashy goals for January except more of the same: Get that base back in swim, bike and run; get strong; get flexible; don't hurt yourself; and lose a few pounds. Piece of cake, right? Except no cake because of that "losing a few pounds" thing.

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  1. I wouldn't sweat the slight weight gain given the time of year. It's supposed to be an offseason, right? Plus, cookies and other Christmas goodies are awesome!