Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September in review and 50 running miles last week

September's totals -- I topped out at 50 miles of running last week!
September isn't officially over yet, but I already ran this morning and I have family plans tonight, so let's call it an early wrap-up.

My total running mileage is 160, which is my fourth-best month ever. That includes an eight-day run streak! I normally take a day off after my long runs, but I had a chance to run on an expressway before it opened to traffic, and I had only done 12 the day before, so my husband and I did a 1-mile fun run just because we could.

160 miles is also the biggest month since my last marathon training cycle:
The last year of running mileage.
I ran a LOT of miles last marathon cycle, with 164.2 last August and that 185 last September, my best month ever. I've also had a previous marathon cycle where I logged 170 miles in a month.

Looking back, I could have done more easy runs and a bit more speedwork, but I can't knock my fourth-highest mileage month ever. Plus, I knocked out all my long runs, which is most important for that fall marathon coming up.

Now, let's keep that momentum going for at least the next two and a half weeks!

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