Monday, September 29, 2014

The hay is in the barn

And that's all, folks.
Yesterday I completed my last LONG long run of this marathon training cycle, and as they say, the hay is in the barn. I'm officially tapering.

I got a later start than I would have liked (story of my life lately), but, in retrospect, since I don't know how many more sunny, warm, summer-esque days I'm going to have this year, I'm glad I was outdoors when I was. Checking the weather later in the day, I saw that it had reached nearly 80 degrees right smack in the middle of my run.

I went out a bit slower than my last LONG long run and I am already feeling a million times better today, the day after. It's amazing how much less a 10:44 average pace for 22 miles beats up your legs, compared to a 10:11 average pace for 20 miles.

I took a potty break at mile 16 and my feet were hurting so badly I wasn't sure if I'd be able to run another 6, but of course I did. And, surprisingly, my feet don't really hurt today at all. On race day, I expect that will be something I'll just have to push through.

And that extra 0.25 kills me. I overshot the halfway point on purpose expecting to have one more walk/Gu break on the second half, but it looks like I overshot a bit too much. I ran it in because it was quicker and I knew my suffering would be over that much sooner. Ha!

Less than three weeks to go! All the major work is done and I just have to rest the legs and prep for a fun day.

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